My self   Varunraj, Pursuing  B-tech   in SRM UNIVERSITY,If i say about myself i was very studious person from childhood because of  two reasons 1.people wont respect you if you wont become sucessful in life and in my mind ,success means getting good marks

2.if u get good salary u will get good wife ,i got this mindset when i was in 8th class and with that motivation i was studying like any thing

One day my father  told me when i was leaving to hostel from my home, he said 10th class is very important in your life so score good marks in board exams and i studied like anything before one month of exams and i scored 10 points in CBSE board .Even my father was not having  belief on me that ill score  10 points and there after you know what happens intermediate,  my father motivated me to go for IIT and i scored 94 percent in inter board and i didnt get seat in any college and i took managment seat in one of  the famous universities in india


Next is my turning point that is SRM University ,i can proudly say that SRM have changed my life ,i came to SRM with an attitude of enjoyment and also for developing my self in all aspects (skills,culture and so on) and again i scored 9.4 CGPA in my first year of my clg

In the second year of my college one of my friend invited me to one presentation which changed my life and  that day i understood  that this is a platform where i can earn so much of money  and i can get highest package in my college and also i can earn some pocket money  But the problem was not having presentation skills and also money problem ,so the person who was giving presentation to me  actually  before  one month he was not able to speak infront of one person also and today he is giving presentation to  me and by seeing him i understood that i can also develop like him .Coming to money problem, i explained every thing to my father even business plan also and my father told its a chain ,scam and the company will run away within a year  and most important thing is he told me that i cant do this business .That made me fire to enter in to this business And i arranged money from my friends and i joined eBIZ.COM PVT LTD.


After entering in to this business i understood one thing success is not measured by marks or cgpa ,totally my mind set was changed after coming in to this platform ,i can tell you in a simple terms  SEARCHING YOUR NAME IN FACEBOOK ,TWITTER OR YAHOO IS NOT WHAT I MEANT SUCCESS ,THE DAY PEOPLE SEARCHES  YOUR NAME ON GOOGLE I CAN TELL YOU, THAT IS THE DAY YOU BECAME SUCCESFUL IN YOUR LIFE and i understood after coming in to ebiz .Before Ebiz i was fathermade but today im in a path of selfmade(CREATING MY OWN IDENTITY)

In This journey of ebiz i faced lots of problems and criticism but i took it as a challenge and with that burning belly i worked very hard in ebiz and i gave my answer to my criticizers with my bike Avenger 220 street ,worth  Rs 1 Lakh  and trust me my dear friends ebiz is a wonderful platform ,ebiz means not only money but it teaches you how to live your life with values and i have to thank my father for giving me that motivation .Now he is very happy after seeing what iam  now ,This is just a beginning lot to do more

i have to thank   the person who is symbol for energy and lion he is none other than DIWAKAR CHOWDHARY  JI who is always with me even in my worst situations  and

another person who is smart and good looking from outside and inside Mr.ANUBHAV AGARWAL JI  and my downline MALLIKARJUNA JI

Special thanks to rushi sir,mohith ji,sumanth ji,jayanth ji,dharanidhar ji and there are some people from my downline they are Vineeth ji,Prashanth ji,thirumani ji,shanmughan ji,jaysurya ji,narasimha ji,vamshi ji .and to my whole team

May be it takes Time but surely and definitely i will make u all success💪🏼 and  Not only me 👉🏻i will make every one to drive their own bikes in college life its my promise

With that motivaton i Started this page and to share my ideas who want to develop  .To provide knowledge to my team mates i started this BLOG and for further details  comment